Spiced Orange & Poppy Seed Soap Sponge


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This soap sponge has spiced Orange essential oils in it and poppy seeds. Orange essential oil has been known to reduce blood pressure and inflammation of the skin.  It will cleanse the skin and relieve pain.  Orange essential oil is a soothing oil and will calm the body and mind.  The oil is beneficial for the skin in many ways.  It will deeply cleanse thanks to its antimicrobial properties and can help to reduce signs of aging and increase elasticity by boosting collagen production.  This scent will help boost emotions as well as facilitate a sense of calm and happiness.

The Poppy seeds will exfoliate away the dead skin cells leaving your skin feeling fresh and revitalised.

All soaps are handcrafted in small batches and may differ slightly in appearance and weight.  100% handmade and vegan.  Made with organic ingredients and essential oils.

Ingredients: Vegan soap base, spiced Orange essential oil, poppy seeds, mica powder.

You will get at least 20 washes from this soap sponge.