Pink Scrubby


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This scrubby is made from a special kind of yarn and is hand crocheyed. You can use it for:

1.Washing the dishes, put Washing up liquid on it and simply wash dishes, pots and pans.

2.Cleaning tables,counters, shower,sinks, will remove dirt or grit.

3.Exfoliating your body, rub all over your body with soap on it and it will remove acne, dead skin cells and help with cellulite.

4.Washing vegetables and potatoes.

5.You can use it as a soap dish, just place your bar of soap on it.

You can wash it in the washing machine and let dry naturally so you can use it over and over.

It is available in several different colours such as: pink,white,blue,orange,navy,black,red,yellow,green. When you order one, it will come in one of these colours, if you have a preference, message me which colour you would like.